pepe fuentes

natyra 2007



I come from a place where games were silent, the scorpions slept underneath the stones and the snakes slide between the weeds.There weren't any hidden treasures.

I chose photography and started to live with it in 1977. I always believed that men need a language that dignifies passing through life. A support to unravel mysteries, answer questions, to pour out dreams and tears. To me, besides, helps me to find my place in time.

My images and my writings (or on the other way), are the result of exploring different views as a form of expression. They diverge and converge in several fields:

The passage of time; presences that pervade absences, or maybe the opposite; fiction that can enclose any "truth"; silent landscapes that resound; unexpected encounters where the unknown angle of the well known can be discerned; perception of the infinite that hints at the finite. Some things more or less.

I photograph and ...

"I write to do visible the mystery of the things. I write to be. I write for no reason.". VergÝlio Ferreira

In 1979 I had my first exhibition in the gallery Redor-Canon, Madrid, and, in that exact moment I thought I had a reserved Future in the artistic Olympus. After I got over that. Along the years I have done other exhibitions, some of them slide shows, I have collaborated In some publications, well, always the same sort of thing. It can't be said That I have a very long curriculum, but I didn't need one to do what is the most important thing to me: to take photographs of whatever I want.

About my public life there is not much to say. About my private life, only concerns me and the ones close to me (and not everything).


I take photographs(each time more), I write (each time more, too). Photography and writing are celebrated, more or less, in the same corner.


I don't know. I suspect I will carry on taking photos and writing. I don't think my interest in both languages will decline. It is absolutely inevitable "to do" when you are doomed to it.

P.S. It's not essential what happens in the outskirts, there where you can hear the murmuring. Everything is diminished to one thing: "do what you have to do"

pepe fuentes